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You've got a creative agency (or a roster of them), you've got a media agency, you've got a PR agency, you've got a digital agency, you might also have a social agency. Why on earth would you need another one? 

You'd imagine that amongst all those intelligent, creative and analytic minds, together with your own team of smart marketers, you'd have all the skills you need to create marcomms strategies that engage and, ultimately, drive customers to action. Until recently, you'd be right.

Over the last eighteen months some important things have happened that have brought games and play into sharp focus. The massive and rapid uptake of smartphones and Facebook has seen the rise of the 'everyone plays' phenomenon. Thanks to Farmville, Angry Birds, Words with Friends and many others, both genders and all ages are becoming digital game players. The average age of a 'gamer' in Australia is 32 and there's an almost even split between men and women players. At the core of these games are points and rewards systems that motivate them to play in the first instance and then keep playing.The result? People are becoming very used to receiving awards, trophies and achievements and to 'levelling up' when they're online and on their phones and (increasingly) tablets. They are motivated by the concepts of earning points, earning virtual currency, unlocking achievements, being rewarded and being able to spend points or currency on virtual items that reward their gameplay and their loyalty.

That's right - their loyalty. As everyone becomes a gamer, strategists have started to closely look at exactly what games are doing to get people playing with them for long periods of time and with regularity. You've probably heard the term 'gamification' which simply means taking the motivators and mechanics of games and applying them to brands to get potential customers to become customers and keep them coming back. 

So, why does my brand need a Play Agency?

Because we're the experts. As a Play Agency and developer of games with more than 10 years experience, we've been leading some of the thinking on gamification in Australia. As game specialists, we understand why and how people play and what motivates them to keep playing. We know that games and play translate into commercial outcomes. They give potential customers strong incentives to engage with a brand on a journey that can ultimately move them from a 'potential' to 'actual' customer who keeps coming back.

Talk to us about how a Play Agency can work for your brand. Or take a look at one of our seminar presentations on gamification and play for brands.

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