Big Click Merges with 3RD SENSE

Exciting news at 3RD SENSE! In a move that will expand and strengthen 3RD SENSE's service offering, we've just completed a merger with web design and development agency, Big Click.

The merger increases the range of digital solutions we can deliver. In particular, the Big Click team bring new and wider website design and build capabilities including solid CMS, email marketing and ecommerce solutions.

They'll also reinforce and extend our existing web and mobile app development services.

Big Click's founder and MD, Dean Collins, becomes 3RD SENSE's Chief Technology Officer. Dean will work across the development teams to refine systems and practices. He'll also work with our CEO, Colin Cardwell, on strategic technology implementations to ensure we remain ahead of the technology curve.

The new combined business will retain the 3RD SENSE name and branding. 

Take a look at some of Big Click's projects and capabilities.

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