New Project Launches: Four New Mobile Apps

Our latest newsletter this week highlights our busy lead up to Christmas with the launch of four new very different kinds of mobile apps - a promotion app for Blockbuster, a second screen TV app for Nickelodeon, a creativity app and an education app for Blake.

Here are the highlights!

Blockbuster treasure hunt app Blockbuster Treasure Hunt is a movie trivia app that gives players the chance to play and win instant prizes. Designed to drive footfall into Blockbuster stores, players claim prizes using the app. More
Nickelodeon TV companion app Nickelodeon's new companion app is for their popular children's show, Didi and B. on Nick Jr. The app for iPhone and iPad gives young viewers the chance to play along with their cute friends at any time and keep engaged with the channel.
Blitz iPad app

Blitz is a creative thinking and brainstorming system designed by Dr Ken Hudson. We've developed a connected app version that combines an integrated backend for user registration, data storage and retrieval, scheduling and reporting with front-end multi-user iOS and web apps.

Targeting maths app Targeting Maths is a numeracy app for grade 3 students developed for Blake Education. Blake briefed us on creating a highly visual app for iPad and Android, incorporating activities that teach the skills and concepts of maths while keeping students engaged and having fun with maths.

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