3RD SENSE in the News: Gamification Takes Centre Stage

3RD SENSE and our client, Dr Ken Hudson, are in the news today with an article on our gamified creative thinking app, Blitz.

Startup Smart, the digital magazine for start ups and investors, wrote today about how we've integrated the principles of gamification into a tool for corporate problem solving and idea generation.

The article quotes Dr Hudson on his reasons for using a gaming company like 3RD SENSE to build a corporate tool.

“I’d been reading more and more around gamification… [I also saw] my daughter play games on her mobile phone,” he says.
“It reminded me of immersion, playfulness, different skill levels… I thought it was a good idea to go and talk to a gaming company rather than go down the traditional software sort of route.”
Read the full article here or take a look at the Blitz app for iPad or the web.

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