Project Launch: Fergus Ferry Multi-platform Mobile App

Our latest project is a multi-plaform app for one of Australia's most popular children's book series.

Fergus Ferry iPhone and iPad app

The 'Fergus Ferry' books by JW Noble have been loved by young Aussie children for the past fifteen years. Now, in a series of apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets as well as desktop, we've taken them digital to give kids and their parents the chance to read about, play in and explore Fergus' world. 

The full version of the app features:

  • All 24 Fergus Ferry stories, available in two modes: 'Read-Along' where the young reader can listen to the author, JW Noble, read the books aloud while the pages turn automatically, or 'Read-Myself' where the reader and their parents can read and turn the pages themselves.
  • 'Go Fergus!' Game which gives the reader the chance to drive Fergus around the harbour on adventures
  • 'Explore the Harbour' with an illustrated map of Fergus' harbour with the major landmarks and characters of the Fergus stories
  • 'For Parents' info where JW Noble explains the origins of Fergus Ferry and the themes of each story for parents to discuss with their children
  • 'For Teachers' info which gives teachers a talking points, themes and activities for each story.
  • Voice over and audio prompts to help young children navigate around the app without help.

The full Fergus Ferry iPad app is available at the iTunes App Store for only $3.99.
The Fergus Ferry iPad Lite version available here for free
The Fergus Ferry iPhone Full version is here for $1.99
The Fergus Ferry iPhone Lite version is here for free


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