CLIENT: Nickelodeon.
PLATFORM:  Responsive website, CMS for submission management. 
INTERESTING FACT: In 2014, Camp Orange received more than 274,000 votes (up 100,000 from 2013).


Camp Orange is Nickelodeon’s highly successful reality TV show. Started in 2005, the series has been delighting Australian audiences with its unique brand of entertainment, offering kids aged 8-13 a chance to compete in its ‘epic challenges’. Teams of contestants are chosen from video auditions, submitted online. The 3RD SENSE brief was to create a responsive, high traffic, deeply engaging website that captured the excitement of the TV series.  


Packed with content, videos, games and competitions the site is a truly immersive experience for Camp Orange fans.

Although content is available to all visitors, only registered users can acquire ‘credits’ which rewards enthusiastic kids with voting privileges and competition entry. Participation in online activities (such as games) all lead to credits. 

The Camp Orange multi-platform experience equates participation with winning - both for the user and their favourite team. If the buzz around the show isn’t enough motivation for its audience, leaderboards add another level of engagement.

3RD SENSE was also there at the start of the Camp Orange audition process allowing users to upload their videos and submit their entries for the ‘adventure of a lifetime’. 


For its target audience, Camp Orange is an action packed adventure for both the challenger and viewer. The series has been a staggering success for Nickelodeon, both on air and online. The website did not disappoint fans, experiencing high levels of engagement and traffic. 

In addition, the online tool has made the ever increasing collection of data (from audition submissions, user profiles and competition entries) more manageable. And Nickelodeon knows the value of data - consumer insight is what drives its successful strategies.

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