CLIENT: John Holland.
PLATFORM: iOS, android & web (phone, tablet & desktop), web-based admin system.
INTERESTING FACT: Feels like a game, but works like a business application.


As part of its technological transformation, John Holland, a diversified engineering company, entrusted 3RD SENSE to design an innovation platform for its workforce. For a company with work sites in remote locations, access at any time on any device was an important factor in design. 


The result of our collaboration with John Holland is Ignite - a cross platform solution (iOS, android, web) that allows users to submit ideas, whenever and wherever they like. Other users then get notified of the new idea and are invited to rate it against specific business related criteria. They can comment and add to the idea and even rate each other’s comments. 

The whole platform is gamified, so every interaction earns points and both the ideas and the users are scored with leaderboards reflecting participation and idea success for both. Momentum is maintained through competition, collaboration, rewards and feedback.


Ignite drives, motivates and rewards John Holland's people to participate, resulting in a powerful business tool that produces exceptionally high engagement levels because it feels like a game. From the management team's perspective, Ignite allows them to focus on the highest scoring ideas, making sure they get implemented quickly. John Holland's workplace strategy further enhances its reputation as an Employer of Choice allowing the firm to attract and retain the best people within its industry.

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