Gamification Learning Series

Many people have a superficial understanding of what Gamification is, but lack the depth of knowledge required to implement gamification in their organisation. This series is now available to help you develop a deeper understand of gamification and how to implement a gamification technology solution in your organisation.

The series runs over 3 days and you can do some or all of the workshops.

Learning Series Overview

Part 1 - Intro to Gamification (15/06/17)

Learn how to be a game designer and how to implement the basic elements of gamification.

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Part 2 - Advanced Gamification (20/07/17)

Explore the advanced elements of gamification that can be used to really make your projects a success.

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Part 3 - Advanced Gamification (17/08/17)

How to develop a business and implement a gamification strategy that will deliver over time.

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The Complete Learning Series (Over multiple dates).

Deal includes all three workshops at a discounted rate.

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Workshop Style

The workshops are highly participative and a lot of fun. You'll get to explore real case studies, participate in group activities and learn by doing.  

  • Maximum number of participants: 10.
  • Catering: Included.
  • Location: North Sydney, NSW.

Come and join in the fun and see just how powerful Gamification can be.


Your Host

Colin Cardwell

This seminar will be delivered by our CEO, Colin Cardwell.
Colin has been involved with games and gamification for around 20 years. He’s worked with some of the world's largest brands (and smaller ones too) on fun projects of all shapes and sizes.