CLIENT: ansarada.
PLATFORM: iOS & android (phone & tablet).
INTERESTING FACTS: V3.0 recently released. Over $97 trillion traded in the game.


Founded in 2005, Sydney-based firm ansarada enjoyed nationwide success with its state-of-the-art Virtual Data Rooms (VDR). Specifically designed for the M&A (mergers and acquisition) due diligence process, ansarada wanted to take its VDR service to the world. Amidst fierce competition from more established firms, its global strategy was ambitious - to position itself as the preferred VDR service for all M&A dealmakers worldwide.  Challenged by long sales cycles, and the costs imposed by traditional marketing methods, ansarada adopted an innovative approach. 


Working in collaboration with ansarada, 3RD SENSE used focus groups to acquire a deep understanding of their target audience (senior staff in investment banks, law and accountancy firms) and ensured the game mechanics aligned with the company's business strategy. As a result of this research, the world's first M&A game was born.

The M&A Game is a slick mobile app placing the player in a virtual world reminiscent of the industry on which it is based. Featuring comic book style avatars, it is filled with the excitement of Wall Street - bidding, deal-making, asset acquisition, making and losing fortunes and building empires - all within the security of a game. The core of the game places the player as CEO, relying on his advisers to prepare for a deal and using the game’s artificial intelligence to try and negotiate the best deal possible. The game takes advantage of the competitive nature of its target market as well as the principles of its own industry, ensuring the engagement of its users.


The first M&A game was launched in January 2014 to a responsive market. News of the game extended beyond financial press and prompted discussions within online communities. As a result, The M&A Game was a staggering success, firmly placing the ansarada brand foremost in customer’s minds while highlighting the value of its product and providing positive experiences with gamers.

With the feedback received from players around the world, ansarada has enhanced its original application. Now up to Version 3, ansarada's latest M&A game features a multiplayer mode enabling users to connect with colleagues and friends. The M&A Game continues to achieve top-of-mind awareness for the ansarada brand while it builds valuable intelligence through the game's registration process.

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