Bayer Australia: Kiltix Diamond Collar

How do you cut through to consumers and promote an anti-tick dog collar? 3RDSENSE and The Marketing Spot have the answer - Kiltix Diamond Collar!


The Marketing Spot wanted an online consumer promotion for their client, Bayer. The objectives were to promote the Kiltix Tick collar for dogs, build a database of consumers for future Bayer products and encourage customers (through fun) to interact with the Bayer brand and product.


Web app - A stand-alone branded website with the game at it's centre. 


The game, Kiltix Diamond Collar, is based on a simple point and click mechanism but we gave the game a unique twist. Users play as the tick and try to infect the dog that's not protected by the Kiltix collar. The game is fun, inventive and cuts through to the purpose of the product. The short nature of the game, combined with its sense of humour, encourages players to have another go and try to beat their high score. The app focusses on the visitor performing two specific actions - Register and Play. Registration was through a simple form and first prize was a $5,000 diamond collar.

Launch Date: 
Monday, August 22, 2011

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