Blake Publishing: Targeting Maths 3

Blake Publishing continue their successful education app program with a numeracy app for year 3 students. We continue our successful development partnership with them!


Blake Publishing develop primary and secondary education materials for schools and students with an emphasis on providing curriculum content on the evolving platforms increasingly used in classrooms and homes. Targeting Maths is already a successful book series for the primary maths curriculum so they decided to bring it to life on the iPad.

Their brief to us was to make it highly visually engaging while also developing activities that teach the concepts and skills of the year 3 course work. It also needed to provide high levels of feedback and a strong sense of progression and achievement.


iOS app for iPad


With so much competition in the education app space, we developed an unusual look and feel for the app based on a 'steam punk' style. Highly engaging, slightly whimsical and with stylised robot characters, the artwork is designed to be memorable and to help keep kids interested in and entertained by the app environment.

The app includes hundreds of questions in varying formats and modes that cover the entire year 3 curriculum.

Importantly, it also allows users to clearly measure their performance, including 220 badges for students to earn and collect. The badges are displayed in a gallery that clearly lays out what the student earned it for and their score. Students also have a chance to retry each activity to improve their performance.

We've also included a multiplayer mode which allows up to 4 students to play against each other on the same device, making it ideal for the classroom. Students race each other to correctly answer questions, earning points for speed and accuracy.

Music and audio cues have also been carefully integrated to give the student feedback on their performance.

Teachers, parents and students can view a complete summary of the student's performance in the Progress section, assisting teachers and parents in asssessing the student's strengths and weaknesses.

Targeting Maths 3 can be downloaded from iTunes here.

Launch Date: 
Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Targeting Maths 3 iPad app
  • Targeting Maths 3 iPad app

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