Century 21: Property Mogul

We worked with Century 21 to create an immersive real estate game to engage and educate customers. Century 21 are the world's largest real estate sales organisation. In Australia, they contend in a crowded and highly competitive market.


Century 21 and their agency, Engaging Communications, approached us develop an online game that would attract potential property investors, getting them to repeat-visit the Century 21 website. We know their audience are time-poor, so they needed a game that would get players immediately hooked into game play. The game also had to give the player strong reasons to keep coming back and require only a small time investment each time they did. So Property Mogul was born.


Web app - for this type of game, with rich and extended play, the web is the most effective way of reaching the target audience.


Working with Engaging Communications, we developed the concept of an online property investment game, simulating the experience of creating wealth by building a property portfolio. We give the player $1 million to invest and challenge them to turn it into $1 billion. Situated in 'Centropolis', the player is given virtual currency with which to buy, borrow, renovate, lease and sell residential and commercial property. For successful investment, the player is rewarded with wealth (virtual currency), as well as awards and progression through levels from Rookie Mogul to Billionaire Mogul. Players are encouraged to share Property Mogul with their friends through Facebook Connect integration. Century 21 gathers player data by asking players to register and giving them a choice of marketing opt-ins. Century 21 also serves ads for properties local to the player, based on their registration data.

Property Mogul is now online. Have a play.

Launch Date: 
Thursday, September 1, 2011

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