Pascal Press: Excel Test Zone

Pascal Press wanted a comprehensive online test preparation portal that would drive learning actions for Australian students.


Pascal Press is a leading education publisher responsible for bestselling workbooks and study guides for Australian students. Their Excel series provides preparation for an extensive range of school tests including NAPLAN. They approached us to create a website for students, teachers and parents that provides simulated tests, results, explanations and progress tracking. Operating on a subscription model for schools and parents, the site is targets a range of students from early primary to late secondary.


A website:


Excel Test Zone is a complex site that not only provides simulated testing for a range of age groups and test types, but also provides comprehensive reporting for teachers and parents. Once subscribed, students, teachers and parents operate accounts that allow them to record and track test preparation progress. There is also an awards system where students earn 'Brain Cells' for completing tests and achieving scores which they can redeem to play fun, brain-training games. It adds up to a rich learning experience for students and an important tool for parents and teachers as feedback is instant and student performance can be tracked against others.
Excel Test Zone operates on a content management system which allows Pascal Press full control of all content on the site. Pascal Press authors and editors constantly update the test content, making the site flexible and responsive to its users. You can explore and take a sample test at
Launch Date: 
Friday, May 1, 2009

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