Fox Sports: Fox Footy Live Kick

FOX SPORTS launched their newest channel, Fox Footy, for the 2012 AFL season. They wanted an app that lets their viewers be part of live matches while watching live matches on the channel.


The Fox Footy audience love their AFL and, like many other sectors of the TV viewing audience, they're increasingly watching TV with smartphones and tablets in their hands. The Fox Footy app needed to appeal to the core footy viewing audience giving them ways to engage with the channel and the match with the devices they already have in their hands.


iPhone, Android and web footy kicking game.


Fox Footy Live Kick is a rich kicking game that integrates data from live AFL matches to allow players to take the same kicks as their team takes on the field. The game takes location co-ordinates of where kicks were taken on the field and places them on the game screen for the player to try to score. Players choose which team they want to kick for and every kick from every live match is available to take. When they take a kick they earn points for them and their team.

Live Kick also features a virtual currency, Footy Dollars. Players earn Footy Dollars when their team in the live match scores points and they spend their Footy Dollars to take kicks in the game. Footy Dollars are also available via free voucher codes distributed by the app sponsors, NAB and Foxtel on their websites. The vouchers drive Live Kick players to web players where they can see a specific sponsor message.

Live Kick also features a training mode, latest FOX SPORTS news, display advertising integration, leaderboards and a FOX SPORTS TV guide. Additionally, anyone who plays is automatically entered into the draw to win a weekly prize of $500 and the season-end prize of $10,000.

Download Live Kick for iPhone, Android or play on the web.

Launch Date: 
Friday, April 20, 2012

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