HTC: Take the Highroad

For the launch of HTC's 'social phone', a Facebook game was the ideal promotion.


HTC's Desire S mobile is the 'social phone'. With built in social features like app sharing, photo sharing and Friend Stream where all your friend's Facebook, Twitter and Flickr updates are displayed on the one screen, the Desire S targets early adopters. The Desire S launch coincided with the Tour de France in which HTC's Team Highroad contested the yellow jersey. HTC's agency, AKA Media briefed us to create a game that would highlight the features of the phone and drive users the HTC Tour blog in which a Desire S was used to post video, image and text updates.


For the 'social phone', Facebook was the only environment in which to place the game. We created the game as a Facebook app which visitors to the HTC page could install and play.


With the links to the Tour de France, the obvious choice was for a cycling game. The challenge was to make the game appeal to a broad audience, both men and women, and to integrate messages about the phone's features in a smart and fun way. To win, players had to collect power-ups in the form of phone features and avoid the water bottles which other riders discarded. The faster the player finished, the higher their score. Players who achieved a high enough score could enter the draw to win the Desire S. They could also post their scores to their Facebook news feed. They could measure their progress against their friends in a social graph displayed below the game, showing their friend's profile pic and their score.

Launch Date: 
Sunday, November 6, 2011

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