McDonald's: Big Mac Farm Challenge

OMD and McDonald's came to 3RD sense, The Play Agency, when they needed an engaging app to support McDonald's new Australian campaign.


McDonald's wanted a fun and engaging Facebook game targeting and rewarding Farmville and Cityville players. The objective was to highlight that Big Mac ingredients are fresh and grown in Australia. Partnering with Spiral Media the game was to be delivered in ad units within the Farmville and Cityville games, as well as on McDonald's Facebook page. The Big Mac Farm Challenge was born.


A Flash game on McDonald's Facebook page and accessible though a Farmville and Cityville Ad unit.


To emphasis the fresh aspect, the game takes place at a farm. We know that Farmville and Cityville players also like to play hidden object and puzzle games. So The Big Mac Farm Challenge is a single level, hidden object game in which the player must find all the Big Mac ingredients hidden within the illustrated farm scene. McDonald's logos were also hidden as bonuses. For repeat playability, each ingredient has a number of potential locations it can appear in the scene, making it feel different each time and remain a challenge. 
The Farmville and Cityville ad unit version of the game enables players to earn Farmcash or City Cash for playing and completing the game. The game also sits on the McDonald's Facebook page and enables sharing and high score posting via Facebook wall posts. 
You can play Big Mac Farm Challenge here.
Launch Date: 
Thursday, March 15, 2012

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