Nick Jr: Didi and B Mobile App

Nickelodeon needed a companion app for their popular children's show, Didi and B. on the Nick Jr channel. They came to us.


Demand for edutainment apps for tablets and smartphones from parents with young children is high. Parents want apps from trusted providers which provide a combined fun and learning experience. Didi and B. is a popular education program on Nick Jr making it an ideal content source for an app.

As a companion to the TV program, the app also provides the Nick Jr channel with another route to their target audience, keeping the brand visible to parents of young children on their mobile device.


iOS app for iPad and iPhone


Didi and B. are a butterfly and bee who live in a magical garden and who help their young pre-school friends to learn.

The Didi and B. app replicates the TV program's garden to create a virtual evironment where pre-school children can learn and practice basic numeracy, literacy, drawing and creativity through a series of game-based activities.

The app also gives children the chance to grow their own garden. Each time the child successfully completes an activity, they're rewarded with a special seed which they plant in their own garden. Every 24 hours, the seeds grow a little more, encouraging children to return to the app each day to watch their progress.

The app also contains full audio voiceover for instructions and feedback, as well as clear picture based buttons ensuring that pre-readers can easily navigate the app. 

Additionally, the Didi and B. app also integrates MTV Network's ad server, allowing the network to promote other Nickelodeon programs and mobile apps.

You can download Didi and B. from the app store here.

Launch Date: 
Saturday, December 1, 2012

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