Nickelodeon Australia - Wrongster Chef

When Nickelodeon wanted a fun gross-out app to support it's kids reality TV show Camp Orange, they approached us. We ate up the opportunity.


Camp Orange is an original reality TV series created by Nickelodeon Australia. It involves teams of best friends competing in a series of slimey, disgusting and gross challenges to become the Camp Orange champions. The target audience, and the contestents are kids aged 10 - 13. 
Capitalising on the current popularity of cooking TV shows and this demographic's love of all things gross, 3RD Sense and Nickelodeon created Wrongster Chef.


A web app embedded in the Nickelodeon Camp Orange website.


The key to the app was the seamless blend of video and Flash animation. The Camp Orange hosts recorded video introductions, comments and reactions. These were then integrated with the game mechanism. 
Users are challenged to come up with the most disgusting recipe using 20 ingredients like tripe, frogs legs and brains. These are then combined into five basic dishes. These dishes are then taste tested by the Camp Orange hosts, rated via a gross-o-metre and lead to hilarious outcomes for the intrepid hosts.  
If the user gets the outcome they want, they can then share their recipe with their friends via Twitter, Facebook and email.
Why not play Wrongster Chef yourself.
Launch Date: 
Friday, July 15, 2011

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