Nickelodeon: Girls V Boys

Every year, Nickelodeon run Camp Orange, their hugely popular viewer participation show. Last year, we created a Camp Orange web game that went down so well with the Nickelodeon viewers they came back to us to create another one for Camp Orange 2012.


We know that Nickelodeon's audience of kids aged around 6-13 love to play web games. The challenge is to find one that appeals to both female and male players. We started with the theme of the 2012 show: Girls V Boys and looked at the formats that would allow boys and girls to play against each other. Then we looked at the formats that are univerally popular for males and females and Camp Orange: Girls V Boys was born.


Web game


In Camp Orange: Girls V Boys, players choose to play for either the 'boys' or the 'girls' team and they have to defend their camp against advancing  hordes of enemy attackers. A take on the 'tower defence' genre, the girl camp is threatened by 4 different types of boy attackers with varying characteristics who advance on the Girl Camp flag. The player must place various 'weapons', like nail polish mines, lip gloss shooters and the like  in front of the camp to defend it. If any of the boy players are able to get past the defences, they capture the Girl Camp flag and the game is over. For players who choose to defend the Boy Camp,  similar defences including slime mines, and snot shooters against 4 types of girl attackers. To earn their weapons, players must collect mounds of slime that fall from the sky.

Following through the theme, there are three leaderboards, one for boys, one for girls and an overall one to show who's winning the battle of the sexes.

Play Camp Orange: Girls V Boys.

Launch Date: 
Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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