Dr Ken Hudson: Let's Blitz

Dr Ken Hudson developed an innovative system for fostering corporate and individual creativity and problem solving. When he needed to make it into a connected app, he came to us.


Dr Hudson's 'Blitz' system is a 5-step process that allows groups or individuals to address a problem or challenge and develop a series of creative solutions.

Working with corporations whose teams need to work together collaboratively and creatively, Dr Hudson identified that his paper-based system could be most effectively employed by organisations if it was available on tablets and laptops.

We knew that to be most effective, it needed to be backed by robust database systems that allowed the ideas generated to be restored and retrieved, is multi-user and combines user registration, reporting, results review and more.


iOS app for iPad

Web app


In a process occuring in just 15 minutes, the Blitz system gives participants the tools and structure to come up with a set of evaluated and ranked creative ideas. The challenge was to transform the previously analogue system into a digital one, keeping the process simple for the user while integrating some smart logic to produce the most useful outcomes.

We started with an integrated backend system that combines user registration, data storage and retrieval, scheduling and reporting. We then moved onto the front-end iOS and web apps which are driven by the backend and which allow up to 6 users to participate in a Blitz. Users are led through a 5-step process, working in pairs in which users can create and then combine ideas. You can take a tour of the Blitz process here.

Blitz combined all of 3RD SENSE's development and design capabilities, utilising both our backend database and front end app development. 

You can download Blitz from iTunes here or you can do an online Blitz here.

Launch Date: 
Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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