Pacific Magazines: K-Zone 'The Zone'

Pacific Magazines popular magazine for tween boys 'K-Zone', wanted to engage their young audience online and drive new revenues in the ultra competitive children's digital entertainment space. We worked with their Agency, Tonic, to build a site that would cut-through to the digitally demanding audience.


Tonic and Pacific Magazines briefed us to create an online destination that would reward subscribers of the K-Zone magazine and drive new revenues through online subscription to the site. The K-Zone audience has been raised on the web and on digital devices and there are thousands of places they can find online entertainment aimed at their demographic. To engage them, we knew we had to create an immersive virtual environment where they could extend their experience of the K-Zone they love as well as find new experiences. We also knew that games are by far the most popular online content accessed by the tween male age group -  they all love to play. So we created 'The Zone'.




The Zone is a virtual world that lets members create their own online profile and avatar. To access The Zone, players must subscribe to the magazine or the online service. The world features games that are popular with tween boys as well as a virtual economy. Members play games and earn points which can then be used to buy virtual items and prizes. 

Head to The Zone now.

Launch Date: 
Saturday, March 5, 2011

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