RSPCA: Rescue Shelter

A rich Facebook game drives RSPCA's audience to take action for the organisation.


RSPCA contacted 3RD sense about developing a game that would boost its social media presence, create an ongoing revenue stream for the charity, educate Australians on animal welfare and increase their brand awareness. These objectives could all be met by creating a game within Facebook, fast becoming the destination to play to play rich online games. Knowing the game had to have long term playability and a hook that would really encourage the audience to care we built RSPCA Rescue Shelter (link). RSPCA Rescue Shelter cuts though the crowded social game landscape targeting the right audience.


Facebook app - For a rich role-playing game built on micro-transactions with a social reach like no other the Facebook game was the most effective way to cut-through to their audience and achieve their objectives.


Working directly with the RSPCA it became clear that the game should be based around their most high profile asset the animal rescue shelter. Players are given a blank area of land and some starting capital and asked to build and run a successful rescue shelter. Just like a real life shelter, sick, injured and abandoned animals arrive at the shelter and the player must take action to house, feed and care for them. Once the animal is rehabilitated and adopted out the player is rewarded with experience points and virtual currency so they can invest back into their shelter. Quite unique to this game is the ability for players to contribute directly to the RSPCA by purchasing extra virtual currency through a micro-transaction system. Rescue Shelter lets players connect with the RSPCA and act as brand advocates by recruiting their Facebook friends to adopt and heal their sick and injured virtual animals. A social graph within the game allows players to instantly see how their friends are going. RSPCA Rescue Shelter is available to play on Facebook

Launch Date: 
Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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