UBM Medica: Australia's Smartest GP

Encouraging Australia's GP's to register for an online news site was an interesting challenge. We thought a game might just do it...


UBM Medica publish 'Medical Observer', Australia's leading magazine for GPs. They approached us with an interesting challenge - create a game that would encourage GPs to register for their online news site, medicalobserver.com.au and to get them in the habit of visiting regularly. With a target market ranging in age from 20-65, male and female, in urban, regional and rural areas and who are particularly time-poor we required a game with the broadest appeal.


A web game for the Medical Observer website.


Quiz games have an extremely broad appeal across demographics and we knew a game to find Australia's Smartest GP would tap into the audience's competitiveness. We structured the quiz into five categories of broad appeal with four general knowledge areas in entertainment, travel, sport, food & wine and a fifth professional category, testing their medical knowledge. The quiz was designed to provide hours of gameplay, with players required to progress through five levels for each category before it was completed. Difficulty increased on each level with more questions and less time. 

The game was structured to run over nine weeks. In the first eight weeks, the top 25 scorers qualified for the Finals week. At the end of the Finals week, the player with the highest score won a $5000 prize. The game was so successful that UBM Medica subsequently ran a second version of the game on their site which will continue to run throughout the year.

Launch Date: 
Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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