Weldon Owen: Infinity Quest

Weldon Owen recognised the importance of rich desktop apps to boost their connection with readers.


With an intimate knowledge of their brand and products 3RD sense were trusted by publisher Weldon Owen to create a desktop app that would help their outstanding Infinty series of educational books cut-through the crowded marketplace. The app reinforces the subjects of the books and makes learning a much richer experience.


Desktop app - To build on the excellent reference books 3RD sense built multi-platform desktop apps for each title to encourage interactive learning.


The 8 Infinity Quest apps perfectly mirror the high quality of the source book and showcase just how effective game technology can be when applied to educational resources. The apps work on both PC and Mac platforms.

Each title contained:

  • Seven different mini games - lasting 30secs to 2 mins
  • Multiple choice and true/false questions
  • References to the book and hints
  • Scoring system
  • Full menu and navigation including save game
Launch Date: 
Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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