Weldon Owen: Investigate & Science Education series

International publisher Weldon Owen knows the importance of growing digital learning through rich desktop apps.


Weldon Owen trusted 3RDSENSE to transform its Investigate and Interactive Science educational books into interactive digital apps. The apps were created to bring the content of the series to life, encouraging student and teacher interaction in the classroom and providing a richer learning experience.


Desktop app - 3RDSENSE built multi-platform desktop apps for each title to encourage interactive learning.


Weldon Owen wanted something beyond just a simple reproduction of the book as an app. They wanted to showcase how digital content could be effectively used in the classroom to promote fun learning. Each series contained four books for each school year, 1 to 6. In addition to the content found in each book, the app included:

  • Activities such as matching and sorting games, word and picture puzzles, drag and drop labelling and many more

  • Video clips and animation
  • Audio files accompanying the text, so that the content could be listened too as well as read
  • Detailed information pop-ups
  • Instructions for do it yourself experiments
  • An on-demand glossary system allowing users to look up definitions on every page
Launch Date: 
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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