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Fizzy.com is our online games portal where anyone can play. With over 700,000 members and more than 1500 free and paid-for games, Fizzy.com is the largest, independent, Australian-owned games website. Fizzy.com is also our proving ground for our most successful games and apps. Take a look at the huge range of games on Fizzy.com.


Swords and Sandals is our hugely popular role-playing game franchise. With online, desktop and iPhone  versions, the Swords and Sandals series has been played more than 50 million times by audiences across the globe. Try your hand at gladiatorial combat.


Playvertising is our games-based ad network. Our games are distributed across the web on hundreds of games websites. Within those games we run pre-roll ad placements get high click through rates. Get in touch about advertising on Playvertising

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