CLIENT: CSR Gyprock.
PLATFORM:  iOS & android (phone & tablet). INTERESTING FACT: The dynamics of the game results in repeated brand exposure and heightens awareness.


CSR Gyprock is the premier manufacturer of gypsum-based products in Australia. From plasterboard and cornices to compounds and adhesives, CSR Gyprock specialises in materials for the plastering trade. With brand awareness as a primary goal, 3RD SENSE was commissioned to design a game with deep levels of engagement and repeated brand exposure.


Rocky’s Rampage is a cross-platform, multi-level game which makes cheeky references to the plastering trade. Armed with a caulking gun, players control Rocky the apprentice, who runs through a building site shooting plaster. In this game, collecting tools will get you points - floating trowels, broad knives, buckets, hand sanders and jointing tape are scattered throughout the work site. Stumbling into tubes or cartridges will get you a more powerful caulking gun.

However, running into other ‘tradies’, banging into scissor lifts or pallets piled high with products (such as bags of cornice cement) will get you thrown off the site by the foreman. At game over, players are prompted to play again or share the game with friends. They also get the chance  to record their score - leaderboards foster greater competition.


Players remember the fun, and it’s why they come back, but for CSR Gyprock, Rocky’s Rampage delivers against its business objectives. The game is short, fast and addictive encouraging repeat play and repeated brand exposure. Overall, the game provides a compelling and rewarding brand experience, which users can pass onto other colleagues and friends, gaining more exposure for the Gyprock brand and it’s values.

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