Keeping your people happy will increase productivity, reduce staff turnover and help reduce recruitment costs, which is probably why there is so much demand for new ways to keep staff engaged.

Companies such as Google, Zappos and DHL utilise Gamification and are universally recognised as having unusually happy, highly engaged staff contributing to the success of their organisations.

Smartphones bring with them new opportunities to drive staff engagement both in and out of the workplace(s).  

Of course we know that there are plenty of off the shelf systems, but then if you choose them, what makes your working environment unique?

Come and join us for this FREE seminar where we'll take a deep look at how Game Designers approach staff engagement and how this different and innovative approach can stand out and really make a difference. 

In this seminar we'll take a really good look at:

  • The challenges with traditional staff engagement approaches and systems.
  • How new technology can be leveraged to create personal experiences.
  • Why a custom solution will have a biggest impact.
  • Changing the game: The impact of Game Design Thinking on staff engagement methodologies.
  • How this can be applied in your organisation.

Who should attend?

  • C-Level execs.
  • All Senior Managers
  • Anyone else interested in how Game Design Thinking might benefit their organisation.


Limited seats available, bookings for this seminar are essential.

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Morning Session

Date: Tuesday 7th March.
Time: 9:15am-10:30am.
Address: 3RD SENSE Studio 4, Level 12, 20 Berry St North Sydney.

Afternoon Session

Date: Thursday 9th March.
Time: 3:30pm-5:00pm.
Address: 3RD SENSE Studio 4, Level 12, 20 Berry St North Sydney.




Colin Cardwell

This seminar will be delivered by our CEO, Colin Cardwell.
Colin has been involved with games and gamification for around 20 years. He’s worked with some of the world's largest brands (and smaller ones too) on fun projects of all shapes and sizes.