Most apps don't work in isolation. They're integrated with systems to increase their efficiency and improve the user experience.

Our infrastructure suite provides all the support services that make apps great.

Hosting Platform

We're in the cloud. Scalable and fully redundant, we offer a range of managed hosting solutions that ensure peak performance and maximum up-time for your app.

Competition Management System

Running a competition as part of an app is a great way to gather customer data and help promote the app. Our competition management system can handle all competition structures, multiple prize winners, data collection, reporting, winner picking and fulfilment. 

Email Marketing System

Promoting your app is key to it's success. Our email marketing platform makes managing email campaigns simple. Create, send, manage subscriber options and report, we can do it for you or give you access to the platform to do it yourself. We send millions of emails each month.

Ad serving Solutions

Our ad serving platform provides flexible and scalable ad serving solutions for your websites. Display, rich media, video ads - our system allows you to book, manage, monitor and analyse all your campaigns.

Game Engines

If you're looking for a fast and low cost solution, we have over 100 game engines to get your app started.

Live Online Virtual Economy - LOVE

eCommerce platform for virtual transactions with virtual user accounts, virtual shops and inventories with a full API which allows other applications to use the system. Virtual currency, virtual items and rewards have become integral to most games.

Reporting and Analytics

To gauge performance of your apps, we have a host of reporting options, whether online, desktop, mobile or social. For web apps, we also integrate your Google Analytics account so you can monitoring and review app results just as you do for your websites.

Test Suite

To facilitate cross-browser web, cross platform mobile and multiple desktop apps our test suite provides a comprehensive QA service.

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