Our Story

We're Australia's leading Play Agency.

We create games and playful apps that help brands and content owners drive their sales and marketing objectives. Since 2001, we've delivered hundreds of projects for some of the largest global and Australian brands. 

Our team is a group of Technology Creatives who create intelligently targeted and creatively executed apps. Mobile Apps, Social Apps, Web Apps, Desktop Apps. Working from our studio in North Sydney, the team includes app developers with a broad range of specialities, including game, web, social, mobile and server-side technologies, as well as designers, illustrators, testers and project and client management specialists. 

We understand how digital content helps brands achieve their business objectives and we work with organizations from across the spectrum to help them cut-through the noise, connect with their customers and drive their customers to action. 

We're also the creators and operators of the consumer games website Fizzy.com. With over 700,000 members and more than 1500 free and paid-for games, Fizzy.com is the largest, independent, Australian-owned games website. It's also the home of our hugely successful game series, Swords and Sandals, which has been played more than 50 million times since the first title was launched in 2005. Fizzy.com gives us both a trialling ground for games and apps as well as continued insight into online consumer behaviour.

We love to share this insight and experience, so if your brand needs app for web, mobile, desktop, social platforms or all of them, you should get in touch.

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