Software Design

Whether it’s a mobile app, a web app, a game or some gamification software, the first step is a thorough design process.

It’s best to involve us before your idea is fully formed. We’ll help it get from a thought bubble to a fully formed and thought through concept with a business case.

We typically use a Collaborative Design process. We take the time to fully understand your organisation, the target audience and what the software should do for all the stakeholders.

We run a workshop which follows our structured design process. The workshop gives you and your team the opportunity to make sure the software design considers all the features it needs to succeed.

Our final step is to continue the design process in-house as well as document the plan, the project plan and roadmap, develop visuals, and scope out the project in detail. We also include a business case, so you know what the software has to achieve to get a return on investment.

If you are interested in exploring our Collaborative Design Process further, please get in touch for a chat.


Software Development

We take an Agile approach to software development. We typically start with a prototype and then work towards a Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

We work across a broad range of technologies which means we can deliver everything from Mobile Apps to cloud software, Games to APIs, desktop software to gamification.

As technology creatives, we go way beyond a specification to make sure the software delivers on the target outcomes.

We have all the systems, tools and processes in place to make sure we deliver on time and on budget too.

Software Deployment 


Whether it's an internal learning app or a new digital product designed to generate high levels of revenue, getting it known, adopted and supported by the target audience can be a real challenge. We will support with a launch, events, advertising and community management.

We’ll make sure the hosting and infrastructure is in place and can handle the load too.

We also know that a launch isn’t usually the end of design and development so we feed right back into the Design process and ongoing development.