5 of 5

Year 7 is when school attendance can start to drop. Can a game be used to keep kids in school when they should be?


Client: The Smith Family

Project: 5 of 5

Deliverables: iOS App, Android App, web based admin system, Dynamically Scalable Hosting

The challenge

The Smith Family is one of Australia's leading charities. They do incredible work with disadvantaged families and especially children.  Always looking for better ways to improve the outcomes for children, they know that education is paramount. Educational outcomes improve significantly when children attend school. When children start high school, attendance can sometimes slip and once attendance drops, then it can be really hard to catch up which can result in a bit of a slippery slope. Can a game be used keep kids attending school, without getting in the way of their schoolwork? 


we delivered

In this case our Collaborative Design Process involved students as well as a team at The Smith family to develop a concept for the game. 

Our agile approach saw the development of the first version of a mobile game called 5 of 5.  

We all know that planet Earth is running out of resources and is suffering from Global Warming, so it is time to find a new planet for humans to inhabit.

In the game, students work in teams to try and find a new planet. They control a robot and a spaceship and have to provide daily missions for them. Whilst they can plan the missions at home via the app, they must be in school, a designated geo-fenced communication portal, to send their mission to their robot.

As they explore planets, they will discover resources which they can mine and use to start terraforming their chosen planet.

The app includes push notifications and reminders, an admin system to manage the programme and a team based competition system to drive competition and collaboration.


The Outcomes

5 of 5 has been received very positively by children and teachers alike. In the initial trial, the uptake levels were very high and users maintained their levels of activity for long periods of time, which is challenging in itself. Whilst the app in not ready for prime time yet, it has gone a long way to demonstrate that a game can make an impact where you might not expect it to.


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