Report Estimates Global Mobile Games to Double by 2016

According to a recent report by game-market research firm Newzoo and developers AppLift, the mobile games market is expected to grow 27.3% annually to double in 2016.

“The mobile games market has been growing extremely fast and is rapidly changing across different regions.” said Kaya Taner, the CEO of AppLift. The research findings show that revenue for game apps designed for tablet will increase by 400% in that time period, with tablet revenue accounting for 47.6% of the overall mobile games revenue. 

The report also shows that the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, is the biggest mobile games market in the world due to its 412 million mobile players. So, if you're target audience is in this region, then it's time to consider a mobile game strategy.  Get in touch, and we'll work with you to find the right game for your business.

The full infographic can be found here and the press release here.