Australian Digital Statistics 2016

Gaming may be viewed as today's most popular form of entertainment, but the capacity of games to hook into the human psyche is being used to full advantage in other areas such as health and education. Digital Australia 2016, a comprehensive report on the state of interactive media in Australia, confirms that games are a serious medium for the knowledge age (p.3 Digital Australia 2016). 

The potential of games to engage, connect and motivate has meant that an increasing number of Australians view games as a part of their daily life. What may surprise you, however, are the latest conversions to game playing  - the largest group of new players are aged 50 plus. Parents are also bumping up these stats - games are viewed as a great source of family entertainment. 

The report breaks stereotypes on the demographics, behaviour and attitudes of players. Games are becoming more than a way to pass the time, with players citing benefits on a mental and physical level - improved thinking skills, coordination and dexterity are some examples.  

And how much time does the average Aussie commit to games - an astounding 88 minutes! 

The infographic (below) gives you the key findings which includes the following stats from the report:

  • 68% of Australians play video games. 
  • 47% of video game players are female.
  • 33 is the average age of video game players.
  • 39% of those aged 65 and over play video games.
  • 98% of homes with children have computer games. 
  • 79% say video games can improve coordination and dexterity.
  • 76% say video games increase mental stimulation.
  • 24% have used video games at work for training.
  • 35% say their children have used video games as part of the school curriculum. 

To find out more, visit It provides plenty of insights on the state of play and it is Australian based, so it's worth a look.

Source : Australian Digital Statistics 2016 (IGEA - Interactive Games & Entertainment Association)
Source : Australian Digital Statistics 2016 (IGEA - Interactive Games & Entertainment Association)