$189 Billion in 2020 - fancy a slice of this cake?

App Annie (those fabulous app store analytics people) is predicting that app publishers will be raking in $189 Billion in 2020 from store sales and advertising. That's up from $88 Billion in 2016. 

Now wouldn't you like a slice of that big cake?

Many businesses now have mobile apps, but surprisingly few try to generate revenue from them. They are typically marketing tools or customer service tools and they can end up being an cost, rather than a profit centre.

It can be challenging to start thinking of app ideas that will generate revenue, which is why our Collaborative Design Process is so popular.

And why might you want to work with game designers? It's games that are making the lions share of that revenue. We understand how to engage, entertain and all the revenue models. We've published over 50 apps and created over 300 games. 

For what is a relatively small initial investment, we will work with you to identify opportunities, collaboratively create a concept (or concepts) and bring them to life with visuals, scope out the project, develop and agree business models, and put together a business case.

This whole process can be completed in a few weeks and provides you with all you need to make an informed business decision. 

If it all makes good business sense, then we can build it for you too!

So if you've had the inkling of an idea, or understand that your business should have a revenue generating app, then maybe now there are a 189 Billion reasons to start looking at it seriously.

If you'd like to chat more, get in touch and we can go for a coffee and some cake. It's on us.