Global App Revenue Up 23% Year-Over-Year

If you remember the Google Play Retrospective from our previous blog you might remember seeing the increase in revenue year on year. But the numbers across both stores are truly astonishing.


$18.2 Billion was earned in Q3 2018. Now that’s the Google Play and Apple’s App Store combined, making up 34% and 66% respectively.

The Apple App Store totalled $12 billion representing a 23.3% increase for the platform up from $9.7 billion in Q3 2017.

And as for the downloads…


Netflix was the world’s top grossing non-game app for the third consecutive quarter, bringing in an estimated $243.7 million across both platforms from in-app subscriptions. It’s beating apps like Tinder and Tencent Video, which held their #2 & #3 positions from the second quarter this year.


The difference between the stores is pretty astounding when you think about our previous blog. We’re entering the space of these numbers are too high considering how impressive the last article read when you think that the Google Play Store accounts for only 34% of the total revenue.