The 3RD SENSE Upgrade

We’ve been busy working on all sorts of new digital products but you may have noticed we've been slowly updating our online presence. Well we've upgraded 3RD SENSE - so I'd like to reintroduce ourselves… 

Welcome to 3RD SENSE.
We’re the Digital Product People. 

We realised that being the “Play Agency” might be a little short sighted. In 2018 the line between games, apps and other services is so blurry, thanks to saturation of gamification and the ever widening mass appeal of gaming.

While we’re still gamers at heart we realised that we’ve been doing so much more. We believe we are the best in the business to create your next digital product. Since 2001 we have been creating apps, games, and adding gamification to already established digital products. Today 3RD SENSE is more than just game development.

Over the last sixteen plus years we’ve slowly refined our processes down to our three pillars of Design. Develop. And Deploy. Think of these as the services we supply. 


Deploy is our newest addition to our design philosophy. We realised that digital products don’t stop after they’re developed. We’re now offering ongoing support post release including marketing strategy, promotion, scaleable hosting and community management.

We’re officially your one stop shop for Digital Products.

As I mentioned before, gamification is everywhere in 2018. For example your Linkedin profile has a percentage bar about how complete your profile is. And most online services today do. While some articles in 2018 are describing today as the peak of the “hype” of gamification it’s not seen as a negative.

From an article by An Coppens on Gamification Nation

From our perspective, I find it a positive that buyers will become more serious [about gamification] and that also means a lot of hype sellers will disappear, which makes room for those of us providing solutions that are working and sustainable for clients.

We’re entering the time of Gamifications maturity. It’s no longer a buzz-word. Where simple or cheap gamification solutions can be seen as disingenuous, like they’re taking advantage of users, serious gamification practices are thriving well. There’s more research than ever before to make informed gamification decisions.

Who better to create a digital product or gamification than game developers?

Coppens goes on to explain

….The big driver for [gamification] is that it has become easier to implement fun measurements, dashboards, rewards and achievement tokens into most applications….

We believe that as part of our new Deployment services that we are the most well equipped Digital Product company to create successful gamification services. Thanks to our new analytics and marketing services we can produce ongoing measurements, and dashboards so you can measure the effectiveness.

But that’s enough from me - there’s a whole new website here to explore and discover for yourselves.