Progression, tutorials and engagement. These are some of the most important elements of education. There’s countless studies showing that games can improve education engagement and effectiveness.

We've created digital products with education solutions for the early years learning framework with incredible results.


Reading Eggs Case Study

Client: Blake eLearning
Deliverables: Branding and logo design, website design, website, games, learning activities, iOS Apps 

Reading Eggs has become one of the most commercially and educationally successful 'learn to read' sites in the World with millions of registered users. Blake eLearning have taken the development in-house now, which we fully support.


Targeting Maths

Client: Blake eLearning
Deliverables: 7 x iOS iPad Apps

How do you make learning maths really fun and engaging and yet also make sure it aligns with the K-6 curriculum?

Targeting maths has been received well by students, parents and teachers, getting rave reviews. It also won the prestigious Sydney Design Award. The app have also now been adapted for the USA and other English speaking territories.