Entertainment APPS

We have made hundreds of commercially inclined digital products that are strictly made for entertainment. While most of our products could be listed as Serious Games we have created location-based games, action and adventure games purely for entertainment.


Treasure Map

Client: Oasis Network
Deliverables: iOS App, Android App

Find out how we implemented location based gameplay technology to create an addictive real-world pirate experience. Treasure Map came out in July 2018 on iOS and Android. Users can create a landmark or quest and control virtual locations based in the real world:



Client: Fox Sports Australia
Deliverables: iOS App, Android App, Interactive Website

Developed for Fox Sports Australia, Fox Footy Live Kick was one of the very first smartphone TV Companion games to hit the Australian market.

Fox Footy Live Kick integrates data from live AFL matches to allow players to take the same kicks as their team takes on the field. With high scores, leaderboards, all to have fun and support your favourite team.