Customer Engagement

Get your customers hooked on you

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Potential Customers, Paying Customers, Clients and Consumers; they are more promiscuous with their custom than ever before. Loyalty has never been so hard to achieve.

And yet, everywhere you look, people are on their phone, messaging, updating, sharing and playing games. It’s not just kids anymore either, the average age of a game player is now 33* and almost as many women play as men play games*.

This deep engagement people have with games doesn’t just happen by accident and there is a lot that can be learned from the games industry. An industry worth a whopping $150B this year and growing.


Of course, many of the engaging techniques can be applied to apps and software which are not games and we increasingly see gamification used to make non-games more engaging, enjoyable, fun and effective.

With the amount of choice people have these days, if they are not enjoying the use of a piece of software, they’ll just go elsewhere.

Since 2001 we’ve created dozens of games and other apps that use game design methodologies to engage the target audience. Some are more obviously games like, but usually with other non-game features, whilst others use gamification in subtle ways to achieve results.

We’ve created apps that generate leads and potential customer data, gather behavioural data about customers, run competitions and promotions, built loyalty and educated customers.

If you would like your customers to engage with you more, let’s start a conversation about how we can create something wonderful together.

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