Serious Games

It’s time to get serious

Sometimes you have a really serious challenge. Maybe a shift in behaviour society-wide or a massive fundraising for a good cause or a really complicated message to get across.

A Serious Game might be the answer.

What is a Serious Game?

The Financial Times Lexicon defines a Serious Game like this…

“Serious games are games designed for a purpose beyond pure entertainment. They use the motivation levers of game design – such as competition, curiosity, collaboration, individual challenge – and game media, including board games through physical representation or video games, through avatars and 3D immersion, to enhance the motivation of participants to engage in complex or boring tasks.”

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The definition could apply to almost everything we do! We tend to take it a step further and think of Serious Games as an application of Games Design Methodologies to solve a really challenging problem, often for a good cause or to make the world a better place.

We’ve worked on many Serious Games over the years and achieved some incredible outcomes.

It’s not just for kids either, the average age of a game player is now 33* and almost as many women as men play games*.

So let’s get serious. We’d like to challenge you to tell us about your biggest problem and we’ll see if we can design a solution that will work using game design methodologies. Get in touch to talk it through.

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