Here's our story. Spoiler alert... it's got a happy ending!

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Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, a group of people who loved to play games got together and called themselves 3RD SENSE. They believed that fun and games could be really good for business. It could make staff happier and attract more customers. In fact, the whole world could really benefit from good game design.

This story started in 2001 and over the years, companies have started to agree with the 3RD SENSE philosophy - game designers can create really great digital products that help businesses perform better!

Today, 3RD SENSE is the best in the Digital Products business. The team is an outstanding group of multi-disciplinary professionals who can take on any Digital Product challenge.

Our studio is in North Sydney, but thanks to the wonders of technology, we work with customers all over the world.

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