Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs and the supporting sites and apps has become one of the great Australian digital learning success stories. 


Client: Blake eLearning

Project: Reading Eggs

Deliverables: Branding and logo design, website design, website, games, learning activities, iOS Apps 

The challenge

How do you make learning fun? It is well know that reading skills are a core foundation for children. Typically, the better they can read, the better they perform across all education disciplines. But sometimes getting children to spend the time practicing is a real challenge. Blake eLearning wanted a creative and technology partner to help them build the best 'learn to read' site ever. No small challenge!


we delivered

Over many years we worked with the team at Blake to create and develop the first version of the Reading Eggs website. It was an ambitious project which incorporates over 1000 games and activities. The site was gamified in many ways:

    • The individual activities and games are fun and addictive
    • Users are rewarded as they progress with Golden Eggs which can be redeemed for many different virtual items
    • Completing sets of activities hatch eggs containing weird and wonderful critters
    • Users also earn certificates as they progress

Over time more features have been added and the service now caters for very young children with pre reading activities and games and Reading Express is the virtual world that student's progress onto after Reading Eggs.

As well as the core web based service, we developed a number of supporting mobile apps.

And for Maths we designed and developed the first version of Math Seeds, where kids can have just as much fun learning their numbers.


The Outcomes

Reading Eggs has become one of the most commercially and educationally successful 'learn to read' sites in the World with millions of registered users. Blake eLearning have taken the development in-house now, which we fully support.


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