Targeting Maths

An award winning series of learning apps that turn learning maths into a game. 


Client: Blake eLearning

Project: Targeting Maths

Deliverables: 7 x iOS iPad Apps

The challenge

How do you make learning maths really fun and engaging, yet also make sure it aligns with the curriculum? Blake eLearning challenged us to create a series of fun apps that supported the K-6 maths curriculum.


we delivered

Targeting Maths is a series of 7 iPad apps, one for each primary school year. The Steampunk visual design captures the imagination of kids across the age groups. The apps include:

    • Individual learning activities and games
    • Multiplayer activities and games
    • Fun quizzes to test the learning
    • Rewards and progression feedback
    • Fun games as a reward for activity


The Outcomes

Targeting maths has been received well by students, parents and teachers, getting rave reviews. It won the prestigious Sydney Design Award. The apps have also now been adapted for the USA and other English speaking territories.


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