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After spending weeks painstakingly re-drafting and refining the creative for your online competition, locking in sponsors and prizes, haggling over media and building your press database so the world knows about your promotion, having to organise permits is the last thing you need on your plate.

State laws and processes vary considerably when it comes to permits for competitions. Chance competitions should always display permit numbers if they accept entries from ACT and NSW. VIC and SA permits kick in when the prize pool exceeds $5,000. Penalties for non-compliance range from immediate removal of your competition to heavy fines.

Save yourself the headache. Go with a game of skill and you’ll alleviate the need for permits.

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So digital marketing's big event is over for another year! Thanks to everyone that visited us and turned up to hear us speak about all things social and mobile gaming.

We got plenty of feedback following our seminar on "Social Games for Brands", where we introduced the crowd to our new project for the RSPCA, "Rescue Shelter", which will be available to play on Facebook soon. We've poured our hearts and souls into creating "Rescue Shelter" over the last few months and it was great to be able to unveil it as it nears completion.

If you would like to see the seminar presentation, it's available on SlideShare.

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A visual look at some of the mind-blowing numbers associated with the current social games phenomenon.

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If there's one thing we've learned from developing our first games for the iPhone and Android platforms, it's that there's a lot to learn.

For the last 8 or so months we've been working with Adobe's AIR for Android and Packager for iPhone applications to redevelop some of our online Flash games for both mobile platforms.  While the Adobe tools are still in development, we're pretty excited about their potential. We're already benefitting from the efficiencies on offer, taking games developed in Flash for the web and porting them to Apple's iOS platform for the iPhone/Pad/Touch and to Google's Android platform for smartphones.

The commercial team has also been in learning mode, starting to understand how best to market games in Apple's App Store, how pricing sensitivities effect sales and how marketing online can impact sales.

We're still learning, but here are the top 5 lessons so far:

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While consumer spending on social games is certainly on the rise (66%), the spend on casual games is still more than double that of social games, and is also steadily increasing (34%).

'Social Gaming' is still in it's infancy, with Facebook giving birth to it in 2007. On the other hand, 'Casual Gaming'  has been growing at a steady rate for close to 15 years and is now a fully matured gaming channel.


If you are a brand and you are thinking about utilising the power of games to help you achieve your marketing objectives, or you are looking for a new revenue stream, do not automatically assume a social game is the right answer just because it's the flavour of the week.

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3RDSENSE will be at ad:tech, 'the' Digital Marketing event for Sydney-siders in 2011. Entry to the exhibition is free, so there's no excuse for you to miss it.

With Australian online media spend set to grow in 2011, ad:tech is must for brand marketers looking to  make the most of their digital.

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On many forums and Flash game portals in recent years, I have been privy to a flood of comments and questions surrounding various aspects of Flash gaming content.

A common question that I have seen asked time and time again is "why should I have to pay for Flash games when they have always been free?"

Let me tell you, at first I was sceptical around the concept, however in recent years the evolution of Flash and it's content has pushed it in to feasible and common practice territory.

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It's no surprise to the team at 3RDsense that games are the 2nd most talked about topic on the web. Everyone loves games! 75% of the world's online population play games and 88% of all Australian households have a device in them that is used to play games.

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Colin Cardwell is quoted in today's Sydney Morning Herald on the huge growth in casual games on Facebook.

Brad Howarth has looked at the rise of Facebook games and how developers like ourselves are tapping into the phenomena.

Howarth looks at the new revenue streams and new opportunities for advertisers to engage with users in a social gaming experience.

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Hi y'all!

Here's a nice article written by the awesome Laura Parker of Gamespot about the future of gaming and how the "social gaming" genre is altering how we interact with our entertainment products and our friends...

Check it out at:


Ben Leffler.


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