CLIENT: McDonald's Australia.
PLATFORM:  iOS & android (phone & tablet), web-based admin system.
INTERESTING FACTS: #1 on App Store. One player played 10,247 times. 


The plugged in generation - those Millennials - are an elusive group for marketers. Tech-savvy, socially networked and educated, traditional methods of marketing have bypassed many of these individuals. More influenced by friends, family and peers rather than a brand's portrayal of a product, they are vastly different from past generations. So, how did McDonald's solve their Millennial puzzle?


In collaboration with DDB Sydney, 3RD SENSE designed Drop Into Macca’s. The game features Carl who tumbles through the air collecting gold coins while dodging flying echidnas and other bits and pieces on his way down to a landing pad outside a McDonald's restaurant.  Skydiving Carl, the driving force of the app, is controlled by physically tilting the phone - a point of difference, which adds to the novelty of the game.

The game sets targets, tracks performance and rewards players with digital coins, visa gift cards and enough free food to keep its target market happy (and in a regular state of play!). There is also Carl's final descent into Macca's which is rewarded if Carl lands on a moving target. All provide the gamer with improved chances for earning points.

The game is fun and addictive but look behind the game and you’ll find the mechanics of its success. The game has been designed with the user at it’s core which makes interaction and participation easy.    


Drop Into Macca’s was a resounding success for McDonald’s. It was No.1 on the Australian iTunes store on its debut and burst onto social media with lots of likes and tweets, eventually resulting in real world presence at McDonald’s restaurants. 

Taking advantage of the game’s momentum, it was followed by Drop into Macca’s - Enter the Nug Zone. Filled with enhancements, the latest app - like its predecessor - provided McDonald’s with mass appeal, lots of data and deep brand engagement with another generation.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of you involved in this project over at 3rd Sense. It was an awesome game and you guys did a great job delivering both the 1st and 2nd game to market. I was very impressed with how the team worked together, even under insane timelines and pressure from Macca’s.
— Ken Russell, Digital Marketing Manager, McDonald’s Australia

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