CLIENT: Pfizer.
PLATFORM:   iOS & android (phone & tablet), web-based admin system.
INTERESTING FACTS: Won 2 awards for innovation. It's not just about the game - pharmacy assistants get rewarded for merchandising and buying Pfizer products too. Peak engagement time is at 8pm.


As one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer has a lot of high quality content for consumers and healthcare professionals, but the challenge lies in keeping people up-to-date, and achieving top-of-mind awareness. Pharmacy assistants were identified as pivotal to the sale of over-the-counter products, so Pfizer asked 3RD SENSE to design the game mechanics for the Australian and New Zealand markets. The game was to focus on four Pfizer brands - Dimetapp, Robitussin, Caltrate and Advil.


Our solution was a quiz-based game, driven by points, constrained by time and visually represented as a series of paths users choose to take from start to finish. Users are given 5 lives, but staying alive to complete the course is challenging unless players know the product facts that are also contained in the app.  

The game makes learning easy, but an extra element was added to encourage frequent participation and friendly competition between pharmacies. Prizes as well as bonus points were offered for categories such as in-store displays, sales and quiz completion.

Focusing on one Pfizer brand at a time, to encourage familiarisation, the games were run consecutively within a much larger rewards and incentives framework. 


Brimming with photos of in-store displays, packed full of user data and boasting a long list of participating chemists, My Pharmacy Rules has achieved its objectives for Pfizer. Used as a tool within a larger strategy, the app has enhanced Pfizer’s relationship with store owners, educated healthcare professionals and created top-of-mind brand awareness for 4 of its products. It’s also received 2 awards for innovation.

Due to its success, 2016 will see the return of My Pharmacy Rules. Season 2 will roll out another set of Pfizer products, promising more fun with a new downloadable app, enhanced features and more ways to win.

So next time a customer walks into a pharmacy, what are the chances that they’ll walk out with a product displaying the Pfizer logo?

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