CLIENT: Blake Education.
PLATFORM: website, iOS & android (tablet).
INTERESTING FACTS: Multi-award winning. Recommended by teachers in over 3,000 Australian schools.


Digital learning has proven to be an effective method for teaching children whose technological introduction has come early in life. Blake Education, Australia’s leading independent educational publisher, is acutely aware of the importance motivation plays in a child’s ability to learn. Using their content as the foundation, Blake challenged 3RD SENSE to deliver a captivating digital experience to help children develop their literacy and numeracy skills.


The ABC Reading Eggs website is a phonic, subscription-based program targeting children aged 3 years and up. The program is a collaboration between ABC Commercial, Blake Education and 3RD SENSE. 

Our role in the project was to rethink Blake’s content, the product of educational specialists, and make online learning fun. Play is, after all, how young audiences instinctively learn and understand the world.

An extension of the lessons taught on the website soon followed in the form of apps for iOS and android tablets, each focusing on a particular area of development (such as letter, word and numerical recognition as well as phonetic awareness).  

Using best-practice learning techniques as well as game design mechanics, the digital products are all multi-sensory experiences engaging audiences with bright graphics, animations and songs.
The ABC Reading Eggs website and the associated apps have become a great source of play for children with the added bonus that they learn - effortlessly - in a safe and supportive environment. In addition to the games, motivation is enhanced through the collection of badges and golden eggs which, to the children’s delight, eventually hatch when goals are achieved. 

The Outcome

The multi-award winning ABC Reading Eggs program has achieved both commercial success as well as critical acclaim. The ABC Reading Eggs website supports the Australian school curriculum and, has been particularly beneficial for special needs educators and their students. Always patient, encouraging and rewarding, the self-paced, personalised programs with their rich auditory and visual content has enthused parents, teachers and children alike.    

If you are thinking about trying the ABC Reading Eggs program with your pre-schooler or, even kindergarten or 1st class/grade school child, then prepare to lose your computer - because the kids will be lining up to get onto the Reading Eggs website as often as you’ll let them!
— Parent Product Review (

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