CLIENT: Blake Education.
PLATFORM: iOS (tablet).
INTERESTING FACTS: 7 versions for K-6. Whole maths curriculum in an app. Won a Design Award.


Today’s primary schooler is a product of the digital age, and is heavily responsive to new ways of learning. Blake Education, one of Australia’s leading educational publishers, recognised the potential of apps to engage, motivate, and educate children. They believed that children could benefit from interactive maths tuition, so they commissioned 3RD SENSE to make maths fun. 


Our Targeting Maths Series is a highly visual and auditory experience filled with colourful graphics and quirky animations. The app is driven by obvious goals, a clear sense of progression, regular positive reinforcement and rewards.

Targeting Maths 6 is the latest in the series. Focusing on Year 6 maths, it includes 81 sets of questions covering all 9 major curriculum topics, a scratch board for working out problems and a dictionary of terms.

Players receive up to 220 badges and can earn tokens to spend on games in the app’s circus area. The game also has a multi-player mode (for of up to 4 users) to improve speed while playing with peers.

The overall experience is highly engaging and enjoyable, which makes learning maths easy (and fun!).

The Outcome

The success of the Targeting Maths Series stems from its ability to engage, teach and motivate kids. This dynamic and interactive method of tuition ensures that learning is personalised and self-paced. It highlights areas for improvement by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the student. A greater understanding also results because the app is not a passive consumption of concepts, it requires active participation from the student. It builds self confidence, makes effective use of leisure time because it's available around the clock, and supports lessons taught in the classroom. Teachers and parents alike have reported that using these apps have made learning a fun experience.

Oh, my word! Have I discovered the BEST maths app out there for Aussie educators (and really, any educator)?!
— Miss Galvin Learns (

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