The Ignite platform has taken ideation and innovation to a whole new level through a gamified app that gives power back to the people.


Client: John Holland

Project: Ignite

Deliverables: iOS App, Android App, web based admin system, Dynamically Scalable Hosting

The challenge

Innovation is often hard to put into practice in large organizations. Is gamification the answer? John Holland have multiple locations, with people moving across sites. Generating ideas for improving the business, assessing them and then implementing can all be challenging. 


we delivered

The Ignite App is a gamified ideation platform for the 'crowd'. Firstly, it’s mobile, available on iOS and Android, so ideas can be submitted at any time and in any place, perfect for a business with multiple sites. 

Users submit ideas which are then posted to other users to be rated against specific criteria. Anyone can also comment on the idea, suggest improvements or give feedback - it's a conversation starter. Ideas are scored automatically, so it's easy to identify the ideas that will have the most impact.

Users can earn points and achievements as they engage with the app too, progressing through a series of levels as they continue to innovate using the app.

Both competition and collaboration are supported through leaderboards, part of the ongoing motivation strategy built into the platform.

The app is supported by an admin system for managing users, ideas and other content. It also includes rich reporting.


The Outcomes

As well as facilitating the creation of a huge number of ideas, the Ignite Ideation platform has fostered a much greater sense of community in the organisation, with remote workers especially, feeling more connected.  


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